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UW-Madison again misses out as nation's top party school

It was only three years ago when University of Wisconsin-Madison was chosen as the nation's top party school. But the campus is not as rowdy these days.

The Princeton Review put out its annual Top 10 list of party schools Monday and the U-W failed to make the cut for the second straight year.

It might be a bummer for the students, but the administrators love it.

Susan Crowley of University Health Services says that when a school gets a party reputation, it creates all kinds of drunken revelry and hi-jinx on campus.

Still, Crowley says the UW has a long way to go. It's still rated sixth in the nation for drinking lots of beer, and ninth for hard liquor.

Florida is this year's top party school, as chosen by 120,000 students at 368 U.S. colleges.

The survey also ranked Madison ninth for the best value among public colleges and 16th for students packing the campus sports stadiums.