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Green Bay mayor wants street named after Brett Favre; just not now

The mayor of Green Bay still wants to name a major street after Brett Favre, even after he got traded to the New York Jets.

Jim Schmitt says the three-time Most Valuable Player will always be remembered as a Packer, even if he plays a few more years on Broadway.

Not everybody feels that way now, and Schmitt says his callers have made that clear.

But "When he retires and goes into the Hall-of-Fame as a Packer, this community will want to do something special."

Schmitt says Favre has given a lot to Green Bay, and he needs to be honored.

Last spring, after Favre retired, the mayor proposed naming Ashland Avenue as Brett Favre Boulevard. It links the stadium area to downtown Green Bay, and it goes into several suburbs as well.

Like many Wisconsinites, Schmitt says he's surprised Favre is un-retiring in the Big Apple. But he says the sting will wear off.

The stadium area has a street named "Brett Favre Pass," but about the only thing it passes is Brett Favres Restaurant.