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Wisconsin's hard-working cows doing better than California's 'happy cows'

Wisconsin dairy farms pumped out more milk in August, while California, the nation's top producer, saw its production drop by almost 2 percent.

The Badger State made just more than 2 billion pounds of milk last month, up 0.9 percent from the year before.

Wisconsin's herd grew by 4,000 cows, to a total of 1.25 million. And each animal was more efficient, making 10 more pounds than last August for an average of 1,655.

Each of California's so-called "happy cows" made a bit more, around 1,840 pounds. But that was down by 60 from the previous year.

In addition, the Golden State's total milk production slipped to about 3.4 billion pounds for August with 24,000 more cows.

Texas dairy farms had the biggest increase in milk output, 17 percent over the last year.