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Milwaukee school district to consider dissolving

Could you imagine Wisconsin's largest school system going under?

It's being talked about in Milwaukee, after the School Board voted 6-3 last night to look into dissolving the district.

The surprise vote came after Superintendent Bill Andrekopolous and several board members gave gloomy outlooks about the district's finances.

There's some talk about having City Hall take over the Milwaukee schools.

Board member Terry Falk didn't want to encourage that but he said the district is in an untenable situation. In Falk's words, "Anybody else running it - good luck."

Andrekopolous said the state's system to fund the Milwaukee schools is broken.

In Madison, state Superintendent Elizabeth Burmaster said earlier Thursday that Wisconsin's public schools are stretched to the limit - and more needs to be invested if the state's going to compete economically.

Milwaukeeans bristled at a 9 percent school tax increase a year ago. And the School Board is looking at a possible double-digit hike for the coming year.

Meanwhile, the district is under pressure to improve student achievement.

Test results consistently show that minority students - who are the majority in Milwaukee - lag behind whites in academic performance.