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Accountability Board officials state database discrepancies can't stop voters

Local officials cannot stop Wisconsinites from voting, just because their personal information shows up differently in various government databases.

The state's Government Accountability Board told the Milwaukee Elections Commission that it's not enough to challenge a person's right to vote just because a person may have something like a given first name on one database and a nickname on another.

The federal Help America Vote Act requires local clerks to compare a voter's personal information with things like driver's license and hunting records. Discrepancies are flagged for further investigation.

But the board now says a simple mismatch is not enough to stop people from voting.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has sued the accountability board, saying it must double-check the data of 241,000 registered voters since the start of 2006.

The board says the checks have only had to be done since August of this year.

A judge in Madison will decide next Thursday whether to dismiss the suit, as requested by Democrats and labor unions.