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Shooting in Stevens Point now called attempted murder-for-hire

A shooting incident in Stevens Point this week is now being called an attempted murder for hire.

Prosecutors said Carla Glodowski, 43, of Rosholt was going to pay $4,000 to Linda Dietze, 23, of Plover, to kill Glodowski's husband James.

But Glodowski, 50, survived, despite being shot once in the head and three times in the shoulder.

Authorities said Dietze had James Glodowski meet her to pay him money that was owed, and to show him evidence his wife was cheating. That was when the shooting occurred.

Prosecutors said Carla Glowdowski could not get a divorce, and she wanted him "gotten rid of" so she could be with Carlos Cummings, 25, of Stevens Point.

Dietze, Cummings, and Carla Glodowski are all under $50,000 cash bonds pending charges.

They could be filed by their next court appearance on Dec. 2.

Police say they have not confirmed the relationships between the four, and they're still investigating.

They said Cummings and Dietze knew each other when they used to live in Milwaukee.