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Neighboring states trying to pinch some Wisconsin's road salt

Here's something to think about when you're riding on a dry, salted road this winter - Illinois may have wanted to steal that salt.

Illinois is among several states that are short on road salt for the winter and some officials there are looking to Wisconsin, where most counties are sittin' pretty.

They have contracts under the state's bidding system that were set a long time ago in the neighborhood of $50 a ton.

Michael Sproul of the state DOT says some places are being quoted $250 a ton, and they don't want it at that price.

Chris Kelley of Madison's street department said he got a call from a Chicago area official who said he couldn't afford the price quoted by Illinois's bidding system.

He wanted to buy a couple loads from Madison for cheap, but Kelley said no.

Meanwhile, not all Wisconsin counties bought into the state's new contract. Dodge County has paid $150 a ton, three times what some of his neighbors paid.

Highway Commissioner Brian Field says he's only got enough salt to make it halfway through a typical winter.

Dodge County used to profit from operating outside the state system, but no more.