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New Berlin high schools tighten security after nationally-publicized sex case

New Berlin's two high schools have tightened security in the wake of a nationally-publicized case in which a student allegedly blackmailed others for sex.

Anthony Stancl, 18, was charged this week with posing as a girl on the Facebook networking site, getting 31 boys to send him nude pictures, and then blackmailed some of them to get sex at various places both in and out of school.

It allegedly happened from the spring of 2007 until last November, when Stancl was questioned about a bomb threat he allegedly made.

A judge will decide Feb. 26 if there's enough evidence to order a trial.

The affected students go to Eisenhower High School in New Berlin.

Superintendent Paul Kreutzer said he didn't lose 31 students since last November. He says many are staying in school and putting their lives back together.

In the meantime, two hall monitors have been added at each of New Berlin's two high schools, and they're sped up the installation of surveillance cameras.

But experts say more needs to be done at home, too. They say parents should talk to their kids about their online activities as early as age 8, and never let them have computers in their bedrooms where it's difficult to monitor them.