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Ryan says actual cost of Obama spending plan could top $3 trillion

President Barack Obama has told local leaders to use their economic stimulus funds for one-time projects that won't be repeated.

But according to U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., of Janesville, the real cost of the stimulus package will end up being $3 trillion if its spending is continued beyond next year.

That's four times as much as Congress approved. But Ryan said he asked the Congressional Budget Office to determine the eventual costs. And that's the figure they gave him.

Ryan says it assumes that politicians won't be able to resist continuing the package's funding for police, senior nutrition programs, health benefits for the unemployed, and things like that.

But the liberal group Media Matters for America tells the Wisconsin State Journal that Ryan is being unfair by including what it calls hypothetical costs.

Spokeswoman Erikka Knuti says the media is wrong for running with that kind of speculation.