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Congressman says if Doyle drops Real ID he should also drop fee for it

Gov. Jim Doyle's decision not to put funding in the next state budget for the Real ID driver's license has touched yet another nerve.

That's because a $10 increase in the license fee for the program will keep being collected.

Real ID is the federal mandate to create more secure licenses and make sure only legal U.S. residents get them.

The law's original author, House Republican Jim Sensenbrenner of Menomonee Falls, says Doyle should drop the fee if drops Real ID, and give back the $10 to those who've paid it for more than a year.

Otherwise, Sensenbrenner says Doyle is "stealing money" from those people.

Monday, the Democratic governor said he's not sure what he'll do with the cash, but he says Real ID is not dead for good.

He expects the Obama administration to modify the mandate. And he wants to see how, before spending any more money on it.

Twenty states have refused to follow the Real ID mandate, saying it invades privacy and is too expensive.

But Sensenbrenner says giving licenses to illegal immigrants is how Sept. 11 happened in the first place.

Assembly Republican Robin Vos of Racine says the threat of terrorism is no less today.

For now at least, the law says that if states don't have Real IDs by 2014, their residents can no longer use their licenses as federal IDs, which means they would need passports to board airplanes or to enter federal buildings.