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Stimulus jobs bundled online

Jobs created in Wisconsin with federal stimulus dollars will all be routed to one state Web site.

Gov. Jim Doyle has signed an executive order requiring all contractors and subcontractors involved with those projects to post their job openings online at

Roberta Gassman, Department of Workforce Development secretary, says that having those jobs posted on the state site will be beneficial for employers, job seekers, and concerned citizens.

"It's also going to help us meet Gov. Doyle's goal that as we carry out the recovery act that we do it in a very open and transparent way and that we're really able to really track the hiring activity and that that will allow us to make sure there's a complete accountability in how Wisconsin is in the midst of carrying out the recovery act."

Wisconsin is expected to get $3.7 billion in stimulus funding. Gassman says the site already has 13,000 job openings listed and averages about half a million visits a day.