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Governor urges calm and vigilance regarding swine flu outbreak

More possible cases will be checked today, to see if anybody from Wisconsin has come down with the swine flu yet.

About 10 Wisconsinites who had flu-like symptoms tested negative after returning from Mexico where almost 150 people have died from the latest outbreak.

Milwaukee area hospitals say they've treated three people who were suspected of having swine flu.

The state has doubled its reserves of anti-viral medications.

Gov. Jim Doyle has urged everyone to stay calm, have clean hands and stay home and contact a doctor if they get flu-like symptoms.

The swine flu contains genes from pigs, poultry and humans.

And state veterinarian Robert Ehlenfeldt has urged swine and poultry farmers to be more vigilant and make sure the virus does not enter or leave their facilities.

He says farms already have strong bio-security measures in place.

You may have heard of the swine flu before, but it has never been as prevalent as it is now.

University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher Christopher Olsen said only 50 human cases were reported throughout the world from 1958-2005.

A pregnant 32-year-old Wisconsin woman died from the disease, after having contact with pigs at a fair in the southeast part of the state in 1988.