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State trash haulers could soon have highest fees in country

Wisconsin trash haulers could soon pay the highest fees in the country for dumping their garbage at landfills.

The Legislature's Joint Finance Committee has endorsed a budget measure to increase the state's tipping fee from $6 a ton to about $13.

Supporters of the increase say it's needed to reduce the amount of out-of-state trash dumped in Wisconsin.

But Jason Johns of the National Solid Wastes Management Association says local governments will spend more to collect garbage and have less available to recycle it.

Johns says the end result will be the highest disposal fees in the nation and higher costs out of your pocket.

Wisconsin's tipping fee was doubled from $3 a ton a couple years ago. At that time, supporters said it would increase the amount available for state recycling grants to communities.

Wisconsin has had a tipping fee for landfill trash since 2002.

The Solid Wastes Management group went to federal court the year before to try and stop it.