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Governor hopeful car manufacturers considering Wisconsin for jobs

Gov. Jim Doyle says it's a milestone to have both General Motors and Chrysler at least consider future auto production in Wisconsin.

Monday, GM said the now-closed Janesville plant is one of three in the running for a possible new small-car facility.

And new language has been put into Chrysler's sale agreement which gives its new owner Fiat the option of keeping the Kenosha engine plant running. But it only has until July 31 to make an offer.

Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman calls it promising news, but other political and union leaders are warning people not to get their hopes up too much.

John Dohner, the shop chairman for the United Auto Workers in Janesville, says the local GM is up against stiff competition especially with the plant in Orion, Mich.

But he says Janesville has always been a survivor, and has done the right things for GM.

Doyle said he discussed the Janesville plant with GM executives over the weekend, and he's been in touch with Fiat's management about keeping Kenosha open beyond its scheduled shutdown in 2010.

He said there's at least hope for both Kenosha and Janesville and that's better than it was before.

Doyle says his administration has also been lobbying the White House. But an Obama official says it's staying out of any decision-making regarding individual auto plants and dealers.