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UW officials say the state's furloughs might disrupt some classes

The provost at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee says classes will not be canceled because of the furloughs instructors will have to take.

But the 25 other UW campuses have not put out such guarantees and university spokesman David Giroux promises that class disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

Gov. Jim Doyle has ordered all state employees, including those at the UW, to take 16 unpaid days off during the next two years to help close the state's budget deficit.

And professors are said to be upset, because they're not sure how to work the furloughs into their course planning.

Administration officials expect more details to come out soon.

Those paid with federal grants, gifts, and other monies will also have to take the furloughs because the administration says it wouldn't be fair to grant exceptions.

But Madison chancellor Buddy Martin says the state would be hurting itself by reducing federally-funded research, while not saving a dime of the state's money.

Many faculty members say it's just a 3-percent pay cut because they already do a lot of work on their own time, and they won't change that.

Non-union UW and state employees have also had a 2 percent pay raise taken away this month.

And if the unions don't go along with it, the university will have to cut funding elsewhere because the state will bill the UW for 2 percent of its total payroll, regardless.