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Congressman says there's a big difference in president's health care words and plans

Janesville Congressman Paul Ryan says there's a big difference in what President Obama says about health reform, and what he actually plans to do.

House Republicans chose Ryan to respond to Obama's town hall meeting on health care in Green Bay Thursday.

He said the Democrats in Washington are acting way too fast.

And despite what Obama says, Ryan insists it will eventually lead to a government take-over of the health care system.

Obama repeated his call for a government insurance package to compete with existing private plans.

He said if it doesn't get done this year, it probably won't get done and that would come at a huge cost.

Obama said we'll spend one of every $5 on health care in the next 10 years unless we do something now. In 30 years, it would be $1 in every $3.

The president insisted he does not want government to take over the health care system, and he shunned the term "socialized medicine."

About 1,500 people attended the event.

Protest organizer Jerry Bader said another 1,000 lined three blocks of nearby streets, greeting the president's motorcade with signs that read "Constitution Under Attack," and "Socialism is Wrong for America."