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Couple admits to posing as Kenyan refugees, scamming nuns and gambling away almost $1 million

A Chicago couple has pleaded guilty to fraud charges after they posed as refugees from Kenya, scammed nuns in Pewaukee and elsewhere out of $1 million, and gambled most of it away.

Edward Bosire, 39, and Angela Martin-Mulu, 35, entered their pleas in federal court in Milwaukee.

They're now in jail, awaiting their sentences in October.

Prosecutors said the two visited a monastery of Carmelite nuns in Pewaukee on Christmas Day in 2004.

Martin-Mulu said her father was a government official who was murdered in Kenya, and two would be killed if they got deported.

Authorities said the nuns gave the couple $815,000, and they got $200,000 more from an order of nuns in Illinois.

And they proceeded to gamble away $988,000 at a casino.

Prosecutors said the two came to the U.S. in 1999 with temporary visas, and they were granted asylum two years ago.

Martin-Mulu's lawyer says there's more to the story, and there are "mitigating circumstances" which will come out at the sentencing hearing.