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Kohl and Feingold help with confirmation hearings for Sotomayor

Wisconsin's two U.S. senators will help kick off the confirmation hearings today for Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor.

Democrats Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold are both on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will spend the day delivering its opening statements. Questioning will not begin until Tuesday.

Neither Kohl nor Feingold have said how they'll vote but they say there's nothing that will block Sotomayor's nomination.

And Kohl has said the federal appeals judge from New York will not be hurt, after the Supreme Court overturned one of her most controversial rulings.

The justices favored white firefighters in an affirmative action case in New Haven, Conn.

This morning, senior Judiciary Republican Jeff Sessions said the judge's statements point to an approach that's outside the mainstream.

But Democrat Chuck Schumer declared that Sotomayor is mainstream and she's not far left or far right.

Democrats control the Judiciary panel by a 12-7 margin, and they have the necessary votes on the Senate floor to confirm Sotomayor, 55.