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Illinois man nabbed in Milton on child enticement charges

A Joliet, Ill., man is in custody after he traveled to Milton to rendezvous with an under aged girl for sex. She turned out to be a police officer.

Lt. John Conger says 36-year-old Michael D. Johnson, 36, was taken in on charges of child enticement, use of a computer to facilitate a sex crime, and exposing a child to harmful material.

Conger says the investigation, which lasted four months, began when he posed as a 15-year-old girl online then was contacted by Johnson through instant messages and chat rooms.

The officer says it's almost comical when he logs onto chat rooms because, when he identifies himself as a 15-year-old girl, other people in the room immediately identify him as a police officer.

In spite of that there are usually men who introduce themselves and want to meet the "15-year-old."

Conger says these investigations take minimal effort and help keep predators out of Milton.

This is the third such arrest in a sex sting using the 15-year-old character.