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Brett Favre plays three quarters in Monday's 17-10 win over Houston

Brett Favre played for three quarters last night, as the Minnesota Vikings won a pre-season game at Houston 17-10.

The former Packers' quarterback completed 13-18 passes for 142 yards.

And despite telling ESPN before the game that he thought he had a cracked rib, Favre changed his mind about that afterward.

His ribs appeared to be fine as he took plenty of hits and he even delivered an illegal crack-back block to the knee of Texans' rusher Eugene Wilson.

Wilson got hurt, but he said he would be OK.

Favre said he didn't mean to hurt anyone, and his block was meant to protect rookie Percy Harvin, who took the snap on that play.

Vikings' coach Brad Childress said Favre played much better than in his debut just three days after starting practice.

The coach said the Favre, 39, generally did a good job of putting the ball where it needed to be, but he'd be the first to admit that he missed a few reads.