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State adds used vehicles to Saturday's auction

The state government will put more of its used vehicles up for auction on Saturday in Arlington.

And that will bring the total numbers of vehicles sold this year to 500, the amount Gov. Jim Doyle wanted sold last November to save taxpayers some money.

Minority Republicans say the move is more about politics than anything else. Assembly GOP leader Jeff Fitzgerald said the governor used the vehicle sales as a distraction from more serious budget problems.

Todd Berry of the Wisconsin Taxpayers' Alliance says it's more of a symbolic move but it's one budget cut that's more visible to the public.

And they can understand it better than other cuts made behind the scenes.

In the last eight years, the state has reduced its vehicle fleet by 28 percent.

One hundred seven vehicles are on Saturday's auction list. They include a Ford Focus wagon with 29,000 miles - and a 2003 Dodge Neon with 190,000 miles.