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Man in Fond du Lac Krazy Glue incident gets probation

The Fond du Lac man who had his sex organ glued to his stomach as revenge for cheating was put on two years of probation Thursday for unrelated offenses.

Donessa Davis, 37, struck a plea deal in Fond du Lac County, in which he was convicted of two counts of misdemeanor battery instead of felony child abuse.

Charges of theft and telephone abuse were dropped, along with a count of harassment as domestic abuse. Davis was accused of beating an 8-year-old child, stealing his father-in-law's ashes, and leaving threatening voice mails and text messages for his wife.

Among other things, Davis reportedly demanded that his wife Tracy call him back and if she didn't, he would dump a cup of her father's ashes for every hour she ignored him.

But in court Thursday, Tracy Hood-Davis asked the judge to keep her husband out of jail.

She said he needed to be home for their kids, and to keep providing for them.

Hood-Davis is one of four women charged with luring her husband to a motel in Stockbridge, and tied him to a bed while one of the women used Krazy Glue to attach his sex organ to his stomach.

Those charges are still pending in Calumet County.