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Labor analysts see some good news in latest unemployment figures

State labor analysts say there's at least some good news in the unemployment figures released Thursday.

The percentage of jobs lost in Wisconsin over the last year is smaller than in recent months.

And the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate went down for the first time since last May.

State labor economist Dennis Winters says folks should not read too much into one month's figures.

And it will still be awhile before the job market rebounds, since there's normally a lag between the time the economy recovers and the time the jobs come back. The state's actual jobless rate for August was 8.4 percent, down for the third straight month.

The seasonally-adjusted rate was 8.8 percent, down from nine in July.

The number of jobs lost in Wisconsin over the last year netted 112,000.

And it was the 16th straight month of year-to-year job losses, bringing the state's total job level to where it was 11 years ago.