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Two Goodwill employees find $13,000 in donated shoe box

Two workers were going through clothing donations at Goodwill Industries in Marshfield when they got the shock of their lives.

Len Nyen and Jerry Schmitz found just more than $13,000 in cash tucked in a shoe box. There were three boxes inside, each filled with envelopes of money. Schmitz said his eyes got as big as tomatoes, and it left him speechless.

As it turned out, a woman dropped off what she thought were the shoes last week.

She never realized that her husband put the $13,000 away a number of years ago, and never told her.

Schmitz's been asked why he didn't pocket the money, but he said it never crossed his mind.

He said that if he lost the cash, he'd hope the finder is honest enough to return it.

Nyen and Schmitz said they met the woman after the money was given back and she thanked them with a generous tip.