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St. Croix Indians hope to open new casino in Beloit

Wisconsin's St. Croix Indians still hope they can open a new casino in Beloit. A federal appeals court will hear arguments in November on a legal challenge to rules from the Bush administration which might have led to the Beloit project being rejected.

But St. Croix spokesman Joseph Hunt says the dispute could be resolved politically, instead of by the courts.

There's been talk that the Obama White House will change the restrictions for locating casinos off-reservations which were imposed in the Bush years. H

unt says the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs has visited some off-reservation casinos in New York State, something that was never done in the previous administration.

But Hunt says there's some resistance.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a group of Western lawmakers have asked Interior Secretary Ken Salazar not to make a change.

Hunt says the agency expects to make a decision soon.