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Lawmakers from Wisconsin and Minnesota meet today regarding income tax reciprocity

Lawmakers from Wisconsin and Minnesota will meet this morning, to look for a way to continue their income tax reciprocity agreement.

Minnesota's revenue department and Gov. Tim Pawlenty recently cut off the long-standing agreement, forcing people who live in one state and work in another to file income tax returns in both states.

It won't cost Wisconsinites any more, but many Minnesota employees are facing a tax hike because of this.

Minnesota Sen. Kathy Saltzman says the reciprocity formula could be updated, to reflect the higher number of Wisconsinites who work in the Gopher State.

She says the two states need to look at reciprocity not just for income taxes, but for all government policies to be a stronger region.

Saltzman said a Wisconsin lawmaker recently reached out to her about more collaboration between the two states.

As it stands now, more than 33,000 Wisconsin residents who work in Minnesota will have to file tax returns in both states, and 13,000 Minnesotans will have to do the same.

Today's meeting on the subject begins at 9 a.m. in Woodbury, just east of St. Paul.