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Ellsworth couple adopt dog that was shot and left for dead

An Ellsworth couple adopts a dog which was shot and left for dead in a locked mobile home this summer.

A dog that was shot in the face and left to die almost two months ago has now been adopted by a couple in western Wisconsin.

A Pierce County sheriff's deputy was checking out something else on Aug. 11 when he saw bloody paw prints outside a mobile home in Ellsworth and found the dog shot and locked up.

It's believed to be an 18-month-old German Shepherd mix, and the deputy took her to veterinarian Heather Fairbairn.

She said the dog did not show aggression, and only wanted her bloody face on somebody's lap.

So her staff performed several surgeries, and she was well enough to be taken in by Larry and Kim Tapager of Ellsworth.

They named her Samantha, and they were only planning to provide foster care but they've now decided to keep her for good.

A woman who lived in the mobile home said she left the dog unharmed, and was planning to come back for her. Charges have not been filed.

Kim Tapager says Samantha is now a happy dog, and the couple loves having her.