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Giving false name could cost accused Chippewa Falls man much more than $10 seat belt ticket

An apparent effort to get out of a $10 seat belt ticket could cost a Chippewa Falls man a lot more.

Robert Greisen Jr., 44, is accused of giving his brother's name to a police officer and he was charged with giving a false identity to avoid a penalty, bail jumping and obstructing an officer.

The first two counts are felonies.

Greisen is due to make his first appearance in Chippewa County Circuit Court on Dec. 8.

According to prosecutors, he was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over, and he was not buckled up.

He reportedly did not have an ID to give the officer, so he gave his brother's name and address.

A few months later, Scott Greisen of Texas received a copy of the seat-belt ticket because it was never paid and he called the State Patrol to say he wasn't even in Wisconsin when the violation occurred.

The arresting officer confronted Robert Greisen in mid-June. Police said he denied giving his brother's name at first, but he later admitted that he probably did it.