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Student pilot from Turkey sentenced for stealing plane in Canada and flying into Wisconsin

A student pilot from Turkey has been sentenced to two years in prison for stealing a plane in Thunder Bay Canada, and flying it into Wisconsin in the hopes of getting shot down to commit suicide.

Federal Judge Charles Shaw went beyond federal sentencing guidelines yesterday in sending Adam Leon, 31, to prison.

He stole the plane from his flight school in early April, and got within five miles of the State Capitol, forcing it to evacuate near the end of a workday.

Military pilots followed the plane until it went down on a remote Missouri road after a seven-hour flight.

Leon pleaded guilty in August to illegal U.S. entry, and the illegal importing and flying of a stolen aircraft.

Shaw said Leon's actions posed a risk to himself and others, and cost the government almost a $0.25 million to follow him in the air.

His attorney begged for leniency, saying Leon had severe depression following the deaths of his parents in Turkey in 2002.

The judge told Leon it would be worthwhile to watch the movie "It's a Wonderful Life."