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Corn harvest is late; mold possible

The Wisconsin corn harvest is behind schedule and it's been so wet that mold is starting to become a concern.

Officials say only 13 percent of the state's corn-for-grain has been combined. That's only 4 percent more than a week ago, and it's well behind the average for the date of 51 percent.

Moisture levels are above 30 percent in many places, and officials say it's contributing to the growth of several types of mold. Candy Sarbacker of Badgerland Financial is urging farmers to get in touch with their crop insurance agents if they suspect mold, so claims can be handled in a timely manner.

She says it also helps to know where the problems are taking place, so insurance adjusters can respond more quickly.

Soybeans are also behind schedule. Only 29 percent have been harvested, down from the normal 84 percent.

There's standing water in fields throughout Wisconsin, and 54 percent of fields report surplus moisture levels. Buffalo County had almost 8 inches of rain last month, and many places had more than 1 inch last week.