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Deer loses battle with concrete statue of elk near Viroqua

Male deer often fight with each other in the breeding season.

But a buck near Viroqua tried to rumble with a concrete statue of an elk - and lost.

The seven-point buck died last week after it rammed into the 640-pound elk statue in Mark and Carol Brye's back yard.

Mark Brye said he looked out his window, and saw the statue tipped over. He said he knew what happened, but he didn't know the buck was lying a short distance away.

He said the deer apparently staggered for about 20 feet, and then fell.

The statue was a family Christmas gift four years ago, and Brye said he loved looking at it.

He said the statue and the deer were about the same height but the animal only weighed over a quarter as much.

He said the statue remains intact for the most part, and he got to keep the deer.

It's been processed, and Brye says he's thinking about putting the buck's antlers on the elk statue to remind everyone of his strange-but-true deer story.