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Dry weather helps farmers harvest their crops

After one of the wettest Octobers in history, Wisconsin farmers have had a week of dry weather to help harvest their crops.

But they're still way behind schedule and excess moisture continues to be a problem in the state's corn.

Twenty-three percent of Wisconsin's corn for grain has been harvested.

That's 10 percent more than a week ago but still 42 percent behind the norm. With moisture levels still high, corn mold is increasing and many producers are letting their corn stand to get their soybeans in.

Just over half the state's soybeans were harvested by last Sunday.

That's up 25 percent from last week but 92 percent of the beans are normally in by now.

Almost a third of Wisconsin fields still have surplus moisture, but a dry forecast should bring those numbers down a bit.

There's no rain in the forecast at least until Friday.

And high temperatures will remain above normal for the week, generally in the 50s.