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Broken windshield? Take it to Judge Joe Brown

Youth baseball coach Matt Graetz and a player's dad, Carl Brunholz, will appear on the Judge Joe Brown Syndicated TV show 11:45 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14 on Channel 29.

Last summer a ball hit by Brunholz's son, Wyatt, broke the windshield of a car parked near the field in Afton, Minn., and the owner wanted the player or the coach to pay up. They refused and the case was picked by the Judge Joe Brown staff to be settled on television. Graetz and the father and son Brunholz, flew to Los Angeles where the show is produced.

It was predicted the judge will chide the car owner after seeing photos that show the car was clearly parked in a "no parking" zone and commend Graetz for his involvement with youth sports.