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It's well defined; Beauvais wins Mr. Minnesota bodybuilding

There's a new Mr. Minnesota Body Building champion and he's from Somerset.

Brian Beauvais, a 2000 graduate of Somerset High School, earned the body building championship on June 21 in the NPC Mr./Ms. Minnesota State Bodybuilding and Fitness/Figure Championships.

Beauvais worked for two years to get ready for this competition. He competed in the Mr. Minnesota competition in 2001, placing third in the collegiate division and tenth in the open class. Disappointed with his results in that show, he decided to take two years to build himself up for the 2003 competition.

The time was well spent. Competing this year in the light heavyweight division at 192 pounds, Beauvais took the division title. He then went into the overall competition and won, earning the Mr. Minnesota title.

This is only the third time Beauvais has ever competed in a body building contest. His first meet came when he was 17, winning the teenage division at the North Star competition. That led into the 2001 competition that was the springboard for this year's meet.

Beauvais has been seriously weight lifting and body building for six years. The summer between his sophomore and junior years in high school was when he first began testing his weight lifting and body building limits.

To get ready for the 2003 meet, Beauvais went on a 16-week training regimen. He and his workout partner went to Hawaii in January where they planned their training schedule.

He does cardiopulmonary work every day in his training routine. He spends about 90 minutes each day in the gym, between his cardio work, posing, tanning and training. He did workouts four times each week that were for specific muscle groups. On Mondays he worked on his chest and biceps. On Tuesday he worked on his quads. Thursdays were when he worked on his shoulders and triceps. He worked on his back and hamstrings on Saturdays.

"The main focus is you want everything to look symmetrical, so everything flows together," Beauvais explained.

Every body builder has areas that are more difficult to build and look proportional.

"I've always had a hard time getting my arms to grow and my hamstrings to grow, so the last 16 weeks I put a lot of emphasis in getting them to grow," Beauvais said.

Another part of the regimen is a strict diet. Beauvais said he ate five pounds of chicken breasts a day, plus yams, rice, egg whites and protein shakes.

Each of the three times Beauvais has competed, he has been at a different weight level. In his first competition in 1999 he was at 162 pounds. In 2001 he increased to 177 pounds. This year he was up to 192 pounds.

Beauvais, who now lives in Woodbury, said he will now take another two years off. With his Minnesota state championship, he receives a two-year qualification for nationals. He said he is aiming to compete in the 2005 Junior Nationals, then four weeks later to compete in the U.S. Nationals in Las Vegas.

Winning the state championship didn't surprise Beauvais, though he said he was a bit surprised it has come this quickly.

"I'd look in the mirror and I can't believe it was me looking like this," he said.

Dave Newman
Dave Newman has been the sports editor at the New Richmond News since 1988. He has covered the action in the Middle Border Conference, Dunn-St. Croix Conference and Big Rivers Conference for nearly 30 years.
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