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Making memories a scrap at a time

In the hospital for treatment of high blood pressure, Angie Ball had lots of time to think about life.

Ball discovered she needed a change in her routine. Her health was declining, she was becoming inactive, and her children were growing up and getting closer to leaving the home.

"My time has always been taking care of my kids, and working full-time at my job," she said. "And then I sit on the couch and do nothing at all in the evening."

Like a light bulb going off in her head, Ball came up with the solution -- scrapbooking.

"I came up with this," Ball said, as she motioned to her new business that has taken several months to create. "I can't believe how huge this thing is. It's out of control."

With the support of her husband, Steve, Ball has opened The Scrap Shed LLC in rural New Richmond. The shop's opening day was Saturday.

The family converted a detached garage on their property, 1276 - 110th Street, into the new retail business.

"This was my husband's workshop, but he just wasn't using it," Ball said. "It's nice out here."

One room of the Scrap Shed is filled with every conceivable scrapbooking product, from patterned paper to stickers to card stock to tools. More than 41,000 items are currently in stock.

"And if I don't have it, I can get it," Ball promised, noting that she buys products from a number of suppliers and from Ebay.

A second room is being set up for scrapbooking gatherings, although it's not yet ready for use. The special spot will be available for rent by groups or individuals who want to scrapbook till they drop.

The room will be available to rent for a few hours or an entire weekend.

"That seems to be what people like to do," Ball explained. "They can get together in one place and scrapbook. And if they need anything, they can just come into the shop and grab something."

Groups and indiviuals who pay the rental fee will be able to use the variety of tools and equipment The Scrap Shed has to offer, including Sizzix machines and dyes, laminators and magnet makers.

Ball, who has been scrapbooking with three sisters-in-law for about five years, said many women travel to the Twin Cities to buy scrapbooking supplies or attend scrapbook gatherings.

"I thought it would be nice to do that out here," she said. "And I would try and not be as expensive as some of the high-end stores in the Cities."

The next closest scrapbooking supply businesses to The Scrap Shed is found in Osceola and Woodbury. Being centrally located between Hudson, New Richmond, Hammond and Somerset, Ball is convinced that area scrapbook enthusiasts will find their way to the new shop.

Hudson's scrapbooking shop recently closed, Ball said, basically because they couldn't afford paying the rent on a retail space.

"I just don't have the same kind of overhead, so I can keep my prices reasonable," she said.

Hours for The Scrap Shed are Monday through Friday 5 to 9 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Emergency scrapbooking supplies can be picked up on Sundays by appointment. Call 246-6445 to schedule Sunday times.