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Editorial: NR gets neighborly

Despite occasional rain showers, more than 20 block parties in and around New Richmond were held Saturday.

More than a few groups were forced to move indoors, dampening the spirits of some.

But most of the parties I stopped at were filled with folks who were thrilled to have the chance to get to know their neighbors better.

One party had a potluck spread that could have fed a small army, and the aroma wafting out of the protective canopy was incredibly inviting.

Another group had a short neighborhood parade, and participants dressed for the weather or carried an umbrella.

Organizers for the first ever "Get to know your Neighbor Day" were thrilled with the enthusiasm shown for the idea. This year's promising beginning bodes well for future block party gatherings.


The friends and classmates of Hannah Amundson are doing what they can to help the family of the injured graduating senior.

Hannah was seriously hurt in an automobile accident earlier this month, and she remains hospitalized in Eau Claire.

Donations to the family can be sent to New Richmond High School, C/O Mr. Ayer, 701 E. 11th St., New Richmond, WI 54017. Make checks payable to New Richmond High School Forensics.

Students will also be selling root beer floats for $1 and Blow-Pop suckers for 50 cents to help raise money.

A brat stand was held over the weekend at EconoFoods to raise money for the family as well.

According to the most recent report from (type in hannahpedersonamundson if you'd like to follow her progress yourself), things are progressing slowly.

Hannah is still considered to be in a coma, but there are signs that she is responding to people, words and tastes.

The family asks for continued prayer, but is thankful for the small baby steps of progress they see.


Service Learning Day is almost upon us. If you see a bunch of New Richmond High School students in matching shirts out in the community on Thursday morning, give them a big "thank you" shout.

Students will be out picking up trash, painting, clearing brush and performing for seniors all around New Richmond and Star Prairie.

This is the third year for the event which teaches kids about the benefits of serving one's community. It is a lesson kids will hopefully carry on with them for the rest of their lives.