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Calling all potential Star Prairie candidates

Like so many nearby communities, Star Prairie is finding it a challenge to convince teenagers to run for the Ox Cart Days royal court.

Only one or two applicants have signed up to compete for the Miss Star Prairie title during this summer's community celebration Aug. 18-20.

Queens Committee chairperson Jenny Gibson said an informational meeting has been set for 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, at Bethany Lutheran Church to pump up interest among potential candidates.

"I don't know why the girls don't want to run," Gibson said. "Once they do it, they have a blast."

Being on the court is not without its challenges, Gibson admits. The girls have to commit to attending at least 13 parades during the summer season, or up to as many as 26 parades.

But candidates are eligible for a savings bond prize, and serving as a member of the Star Prairie court helps the girls rack up enough community service hours to qualify them for scholarships.

"And it's good for their resumes when they head off to school," Gibson said.

Local girls have until Aug. 1 to sign up in order to compete. The candidate season officially kicks off with a Queens Banquet Aug. 12.

The Miss Star Prairie coronation will occur Friday night, Aug. 18. A Miss Star Prairie will be crowned, along with a court that includes a Junior Miss and Little Miss winner.

Girls ages 15 to 17 are eligible to apply for the Miss Star Prairie contest. Girls ages 10-12 can apply for the Junior Miss position, while girls ages 6-9 are eligible for Little Miss consideration.

Candidates must meet one of the following additional qualifications in order to compete:

• Have a "248" telephone number or a Star Prairie address.

• Live in the townships of Star Prairie or Stanton.

• Have one parent who has had at least three years of service with the Star Prairie Lion's Club.

• Be a Star Prairie Leos member for at least one year.

Judging for the Miss Star Prairie crown is based on a personal interview of each candidates, along with a written biography of no more than four pages in length.

Gibson said organizers are hoping to attract additional candidates so the Miss Star Prairie pageant doesn't fade away.

"I know girls get busy," she said. "But if we can't get the big girls to run, there might not be enough interest to keep it all going."

For more information or to apply for the Miss Star Prairie crown, contact Gibson at 248-3339 or email her at