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Knocking at the city's door

Work on the final leg of the new four-lane Highway 64 into New Richmond could be completed ahead of schedule.

"I've heard a rumor that we're more than six weeks ahead," said Jim Bednar, project manager for the state road project. "But I'd say we're maybe one or two weeks ahead of schedule."

The official deadline for completion of the highway is the first part of November. Quite a bit of extensive work still remains to be completed before that deadline is achieved.

The section of roadway from 110th Street to County Road CC is pretty much ready to go. Only some gravel and the pavement remains to be laid.

Wall Street and County Road CC are now open to traffic, and will remain open through the remainder of the construction project. Motorists can also continue to Hatfield Park by crossing over the construction zone.

County Road K on the western edge of the city is now closed, so motorists can no longer gain access to the St. Croix County Health Center via that road. The road will be closed at least until the first part of July.

North and south traffic along County Road K is now flowing, so motorists can gain access to that area of town via Highway 64 and K.

There was a lot of activity inside New Richmond's city limits last week.

Concrete was laid at the future intersection of Highway 64 and 65 on the northern edge of the city. Work will continue at that intersection for another week or so, Bednar said.

The pavement along the existing 65 has been milled down, in anticipation of installation of a temporary roadway while work continues on the highway.

Work at the 110th Street bridge is expected to be done by Friday.

In the next week or so, road crews will be working on marsh areas along 64 and 65 in preparation for roadway and ramps.

"We've had a good spring," Bednar said. "We've had no surprises at all. Everything is going pretty good."