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Beautiful baby captures crown

Onalie Dennis already has three crowns.

Not a bad pageant record for a pre-schooler from New Richmond.

The youngster's most recent crowning came as she was named the most beautiful baby in a five-state region during a New Star Discovery pageant.

She beat out about 150 other photogenic youngsters to take the top honor. The victory brought with it trophies, free products and scholarships.

"We were very surprised," said Onalie's mother, Terina. "And her brothers were very proud of her."

In her age category, 15 months to 3 years old, Onalie has been collecting an impressive bunch of hardware the past few months. More than 20 are proudly displayed in the Terina and Zach Dennis home.

Onalie's growing reputation as a beautiful baby began Sept. 18, 2005 when she captured top honors at a New Star Discovery pageant in Maplewood, Minn.

She also captured the top prize in the "Angel Face" and "Best Product" categories at that time. She took top honors in her age group, and won a photo shoot with a professional studio. Onalie's picture eventually ended up in Sportsman's Guide magazine.

Onalie then advanced to the "national" competition, which was held in Alexandria, Minn.

"She really hams it up," Terina said. "She wanted to go back up on stage and wave to the crowd."

Onalie had a head start when it comes to pageant success.

Her mother participated in numerous pageants when she was younger, starting at the age of 3. Terina was Little Miss Ladysmith runner-up when she was in elementary school. She was crowned Little Miss Wisconsin in 1988.

As for future pageant participation, Terina said the fun is over for awhile. Onalie will need to eventually show a continued interest in the activity before the family will commit to entering more contests.

"Will she do it again? I don't know," Terina said. "She needs to be able to tell me this is something she wants to do."

The Dennis family moved to New Richmond in 1999. They have two other kids, Brandon, 3, and Tyler, 2. Terina and her husband, Zach, are originally from the Ladysmith area.

Onalie's brief modeling stint wasn't wasted on her brothers, Brandon and Tyler. The boys will soon be featured on Bob The Builder toy boxes in the near future.