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Have fun at Fun Fest

This year's Fun Fest has a lot more on its plate than previous years.

With the addition of kids' games and inflatable amusements at the festival grounds, families will be able to hang out at the community gathering longer and not have to spend an arm and a leg in the process.

A petting zoo and an expanded music line-up will also liven things up at the Fun Fest grounds across from WITC and St. Croix Press.

The American Legion Post is zipping up its offerings to "put a little life into the north side," said member John Johnston. Along with their traditional food booth, live music is being planned. Other activities are planned throughout town during the weekend, including a Miller's baseball game and sidewalk chalk drawing down by Sweet Greetings.

If, in fact, Fun Fest was on the verge of drying up and blowing away, the new life pumped into the celebration should have a significant impact on its future.

Even if you were among those who opposed the move of Fun Fest to a new site, give the new offerings a chance. You might just find that New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce board members made the right move. The line-up truly offers something fun for everyone.


New school superintendent Morrie Veilleux is settling into his new role in New Richmond.

After listening in on his interview with The News last week, Veilleux appears to be the calming force needed to stabilize the local district.

Key among Veilleux's insistence that he won't choose sides in the ongoing controversies. Getting rid of that "us vs. them" mentality requires that the top players foster a sense of cooperation rather than political battling.


Minneapolis ranked number 74 on the list of the top 100 Sweatiest Cities in America.

Old Spice compiled the list, which is topped by Phoenix, Ariz. at number one and Las Vegas at number two.

After this past Saturday, it's obvious this region gets its fair share of sticky days in the summer.

But how the Twin Cities could outrank Madison, Wis. (number 88) and San Diego, Cal. (number 94) is beyond me.

My personal top pick is Louisville, Ky. (ranked 37 on the top 100 list).

I spent a summer near there for Army basic training and I've never been so hot. We had two weeks in a row of high humidity and 100-degree-plus temperatures that summer, and this Midwestern boy thought he would die.

I also lived in St. Louis (rated 33 on the recent survey) when I was younger, and there was some sweat rolling off my face most days in the summer.

Two of my kids head to New Orleans (number 12 of 100) next week to join a group working to rehabilitate homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina. I've told them to beware of the excessive heat they're likely to encounter. I don't think they have a clue about how bad it might be.