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New Richmond determines school attendance

The New Richmond School Board drew the lines for elementary school attendance areas in the District at their Wednesday, Jan. 9, work session.

The boundaries for students who will attend East Elementary School beginning in the fall of 2008 include those living in the Fox Run development. The boundaries for East Elementary are south of Highway 64 to 170th Street, then County Road E to County Road T and south to 170th Avenue; 140th Street south to 145th Avenue, then east to 150th Street.

West Elementary boundaries are from 8th Street to Odanah and 125th Street. This area also includes the north half of the District.

Students living in the neighborhood of Southview will attend the new elementary school. Also any students living south of Highway 64 (excluding 8th Street and the Monette Avenue area) and west of 150th Street and south of Highway 64 will also attend the new elementary school.

The final attendance map was determined by weighing a number of factors and combining two maps previously considered.

Brian Johnston, director of fiscal and building operations for the District, Deb Heyerdahl, director of curriculum and staff development, Frank Norton, principal of West Elementary, and Sue Curtis, director of special services, revised the previous maps to come up with a consensus on the final plan.

The attendance areas were based on this year's school enrollment. Criteria used to draw the boundaries included staffing, busing, student demographics, potential growth in each building and residential area, number of daycare facilities located in each area and special services.

As these boundaries stand now, East will be at 76 percent student capacity and

West will be at 85 percent capacity in the fall of 2008. The new elementary will be at 85 percent capacity.

Early childhood classes were moved from West Elementary to East Elementary to help the numbers balance.

School District officials are still working to determine how many sections of each grade will be in each of the three K-5 buildings.

At this point it looks like 12 sections will be at East, 23 sections at West and 22 at the new elementary, according to Johnston.

"This plan is exciting to all of us," Heyerdahl said. "We did come to a consensus."

District Administrator Morrie Veilleux said he hopes these new boundaries might also result in shorter bus rides for students.

Veilleux also reiterated his commitment to allow parents of existing students a one-time opportunity to enroll their children in a different school if they aren't happy with where they are assigned.

The one-time opportunity would include the parents' commitment to transport their child(ren) to and from school and would only be allowed if the request doesn't require staffing changes for any of the schools.

Teachers were notified Friday, Jan. 11, where they will be teaching next year based on this attendance plan.

The School Board plans to hold community meetings to show parents where the attendance areas are so they will know where their children will be attending school this fall.

The Board will determine dates and places of these meetings at the next School Board meeting Jan. 21.