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Hammond library target of two break-ins

According to Head Librarian Michelle Johnson, the Hammond library was broken into twice over the past couple of weeks.

The first break-in occurred Jan. 5, some time after the library closed for the evening. Thieves made off with what Johnson estimates was a couple hundred dollars in cash.

While trying to gain access to the building, the perpetrators smashed two windows and damaged a door.

"They pried it open and busted up the door jamb," Johnson said. "They managed to get through the deadbolt."

Johnson estimates that it will cost more to fix the door at the library, than the amount of cash stolen.

She says that she initially saw things were awry when she noticed the copy machine in the building was moved, and some of the inside doors were locked that aren't normally locked.

The New Richmond library and a law office on Main Street in New Richmond were also the target of thieves Jan. 5.

The second break-in occurred sometime Jan. 13, according to Johnson. This time, no money was taken, but the door that was damaged the first time sustained further damage Sunday night.

After speaking with Scott Vrieze, librarian at the New Richmond library, Johnson said the incidents have taught both libraries to be more cautious.

"I guess we were just the lucky ones for having being broken into twice," Johnson joked.