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Three cheers for cheering!

St. Croix Central Elementary students have something to cheer about. Students participated in a mini cheerleading camp at the Elementary School, Jan. 21-23.

Eighty-six kindergarten through fourth graders participated in the event, which included learning some fun cheers as well as learning some of the easier stunts performed by older cheerleaders.

Vicki Berkvens has organized the event for the past two years at St. Croix Central. She organized and ran a similar event in Osceola before that.

The former high school and UW-River Falls cheerleader says that it's something extra the youngsters can do during the cold winter months when kids don't get as much exercise.

"It's something the kids can do for some fun," she said.

Berkvens is also the High School cheerleading coach at SCC High School. It is her sixth year coaching cheerleaders.

Seven cheerleaders from the freshman and senior classes were also on hand to teach the young cheerleaders their moves.

To accommodate the large group, kids were broken up into four smaller groups where they learned the basics of cheerleading and were given time outs where they enjoyed some treats for their efforts.

To top off the fun, the "mini cheerleaders" will have the opportunity to cheer at halftime at the girls' basketball game on Jan. 24.

The event was a fund-raiser for the High School cheerleaders to purchase new equipment like warm-ups, which are cold-weather outfits to wear during football games. Participants received snacks, drinks, poms and free admission to the basketball game on Thursday.