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Girl Scout Cookies are in

There was a line of pickups, SUVs and even fifth-wheel trailers in the parking lot of St. Luke's Lutheran Church on Thursday, Feb. 21.

As each vehicle approached the open semi-truck and pallets of cardboard cases, back doors popped open awaiting the transfer of cargo.

The cookies have arrived.

Girl Scout leaders from Somerset and New Richmond lined the parking lot for the fourth year in a row to get their ordered shipment.

According to Julie Lindberg, cookie coordinator for New Richmond, New Richmond's 15 cookie-selling troops ordered 1,351 cases. Somerset's nine troops ordered 1,573 cases.

Each case holds 12 boxes of cookies. That is enough for New Richmond's population of 7,469 to have two boxes (with some left over) per person. The Village of Somerset residents (2,296 population) would be able to have eight boxes each.

"Thin Mints sold the most, followed by Samoas, then Tagalongs," Lindberg said.

Deann Bauer, New Richmond Service Unit manager, said that cookie booths will be set up during the month of March, locations to be announced.

"Keep an eye out around town," Bauer said.