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Star Prairie Township seeks ideas for old town hall

Star Prairie Township residents will have an opportunity to decide the fate of the old Town Hall at their annual meeting April 8 at 7 p.m.

Star Prairie Township's old Town Hall has been empty and dark since February 2007, when the new Town Hall was built.

Although the Town is currently requesting proposals from local residents or organizations committed to preserving the historic building, the "people must be heard" before any decisions are made, according to Town Chair Doug Rivard.

"We want the consensus of the people before we make any decisions about what to do with the old Town Hall," Rivard said. "The building belongs to the people of the Township and they should have a voice."

Many options for use of the building have come up in the past year, but the Town Board is reluctant to commit to anything until the annual meeting in April.

The Town has received requests from people wanting to rent the building as a store and some wanting to buy the building.

"We want to keep the park next to the old Town Hall," Rivard said. "And we do not want to sell the building unless that's what the people of the Town want to do."

One thing is certain, the Town cannot continue to heat and maintain an empty building.

Rivard said he'd like to see it become a museum or historical center of some type.

Residents of Star Prairie Township are encouraged to attend the annual Board meeting at the new Town Hall with ideas or suggestions for the old building.