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OUR VIEW: Terroristic reign of 'Frankenstein' veto must end

A lot of voters may not be aware of it, but there's an important state constitutional amendment on the upcoming April 1 ballot.

The proposed measure would eliminate a governor's ability to cross out certain words of legislation in an effort to create new legislation that has never been considered by our elected officials.

The special veto power, dubbed the "Frankenstein veto," has been used by Democratic and Republican governors alike over the past few years. The power has allowed one person (i.e. the governor) to bypass our established constitutional checks-and-balances and completly alter the direction of an entire state.

Most recently, Gov. Jim Doyle used the creative editing power to shift huge chunks of state funding from one approved program to another program he deemed more deserving of the money.

Legislators, our elected officials in Madison, were never given the chance to consider the funding shift and determine if it was a good idea.

State Sen. Sheila Harsdorf has been on a personal crusade for more than two years to rid Wisconsin of the Frankenstein veto. She has run into numerous roadblocks along the way, but she never gave up.

Harsdorf deserves a lot of credit for her efforts. She's argued all along, and rightfully so, that the specialized veto power has no place in our democratic system. It doesn't matter if the sitting governor is a Democrat or a Republican -- this type of veto is just plain wrong.

It's time for the crowd to hunt Frankenstein down and put an end to the terror.

If you vote "yes" to the ballot question, the Frankenstein veto will be cast aside and order will return to our state.

The measure will not eliminate the line-item veto of our governor's powerful tools. Each governor will still be able to veto sections or complete bills that they feel are a bad idea.

The difference is, however, they will not be able to create brand new legislation that hasn't been fully debated in public.