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LETTER: Judge candidate is hard worker

To the Editor:

I'm not a lawyer, a judge, an elected official, or anyone connected with the legal field, I am simply a fellow citizen of St. Croix County who has found out, the hard way, how important the upcoming election for the Branch 4 Circuit Court Judge is.

I've known Howard Cameron for some time now. He was president of the parent's group at St. Pat's School, and did he get things done!

He's a hard worker and a go-getter at the annual church garage sale. When we are ready to collapse, he just keeps going.

He has chaperoned youth mission trips, school dances and teen nights. I've worked alongside Howard on many occasions, and found him to be a very honest, genuine, committed individual with a heart for youth.

I come from a dairy farming background and am a former member of 4-H, so when I found that Howard had a career in agricultural education, has worked on dairy farms, drove a milk truck and was an FFA advisor BEFORE he went to law school, I gained even more respect for him.

As a state public defender in western Wisconsin for the past 16 years, he has continued to work hard, been up front and honest. To use an old phrase, Howard Cameron really is of the people and for the people.

Over the last several years our family has had to become very familiar with the St. Croix County court system. Fortunately, Howard Cameron has been there as a friend and advisor to explain court procedures when we have questions, give advice when we don't know where to turn, and has given us the realistic picture of outcomes with an honest, open mind.

He is the kind of person you want assigned to your case if you or your family finds itself in the same situation some day.

I strongly encourage every eligible St. Croix County voter to cast their vote for Howard Cameron in the April 1 election. He is a good man.

Mrs. Marshall Brunelle

Hudson Township