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LETTER: Positive attributes make candidate stand out

To the Editor:

Howard Cameron, in my experience of the man, has always seemed to me to be one of those individuals who possess among other positive attributes integrity, generosity, and good common sense.

Having known Howard Cameron and several law enforcement persons for some years now, I have one observation that never fails to increase my admiration for Howard.

Not infrequently lawyers, who serve as defense counsel, are not held in high esteem by the officers who appear in court on behalf of the prosecution.

Those officers I have spoken to about Howard Cameron unfailingly respect him and see him as an honorable individual who handles himself well in the court room.

In my opinion this occurs because Howard Cameron in his role as a public defender is mindful of both the good of his client and the community. Howard Cameron has my vote for the position of Judge in St. Croix County and I hope that you too will give him your vote this coming Tuesday.

Richard W. Oehmke