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LETTER: Cameron proves his work ethic, compassion

To the Editor:

Howard Cameron is a man I wish I'd known all my life. I've had the pleasure of working with him for seven years.

When someone in the office needs help, Howard is there to chip in his time and advice. When someone is having a bad day, Howard is there with encouraging words or a small gift.

As a public defender, Howard is in court almost everyday. He shows respect to everyone from the clerks and judges to the clients. He makes a difference for his clients because he cares about them and because he is respected by prosecutors, judges, social workers and probation officers.

He supports alternative court programs such as drug courts and the Intoxicated Driver Program, which not only helps people in recovery live a crime-free productive life but also saves taxpayers a significant amount.

The human qualities Howard possesses are what will make him a great judge. He sincerely cares about people and listens to them. I used to meet Howard for coffee, but by the time he sat down, he had talked to everyone he knew in the coffee shop and my coffee was cold.

When I spent two nights at a cabin in the Smokies with the Cameron's and others, Howard met almost everyone in the camp and knew their life stories.

Howard is practical, down to earth and can determine what's important. He has the ability to cut to the chase.

I will miss him as a colleague but look forward to arguing cases in his court.

Ann Davey