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LETTER: Judge candidate shares our values, commitment

To the Editor:

As an educator who has taught seven years in the St. Croix Central School District of Roberts and Hammond, Wis. and for the past 17 years for the Hudson School District, I have called Hudson and St. Croix County my home for 24 years.

Teachers typically go into teaching because they love being part of a learning environment and, most importantly, because they care deeply about young people.

At the heart of the matter for me is not only what I teach my students academically, but that I convey to them every moment of each day my belief in their goodness, their potential, and their ability to make positive decisions that will help them to be successful in their academic, social, and behavioral choices throughout life.

I believe that investing in our young people, families, and communities is what will continue to make St. Croix County a safe and positive place to live.

That's why I'm taking this opportunity to voice my support for Howard Cameron for Branch 4 Judge for St. Croix County. I have personally known Howard Cameron for over 20 years.

Howard is my brother-in-law, and that said, I know firsthand that Howard is an individual who embodies the spirit of real and genuine caring for people and their well-being. He demonstrates this through tireless public service helping community, school, and church groups and through a strong, unwavering work ethic and commitment to the individuals to whom he provides legal representation.

Over the years I am well aware of the evenings and weekends that Howard has spent to be thoroughly prepared to represent his clients in the courtroom. Cameron also leads by example, firmly believing in the necessity of respect and integrity as judges, law enforcement, and court personnel work together to administer justice.

As a UW-Madison Law School graduate with 20 years of courtroom experience as a practicing attorney and State of Wisconsin Public Defender, Howard Cameron is qualified, experienced and will provide thoughtful, just, and decisive leadership in the role of judge. His is a proven track record of professional work as an attorney and extensive volunteer service that continues to demonstrate his values, caring, and commitment to the residents of St. Croix County. Cameron will be unsurpassed in the energy, dedication, and leadership that he brings to the bench.

On April 1 my husband, Michael, and I will be casting our votes for Howard Cameron to become St. Croix County's newest judge. Join me in supporting Howard Cameron, whose strength of character, values, and experience speak for themselves. Please vote for Howard Cameron for St. Croix County Judge on April 1.

Annette Vanda Burns